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My brows were really really thin and they were too round. I also wanted more definition on my lips, I think it’s gonna be much nicer, and it’s going to look fuller.

I 100% got what I came for!

I thought the treatment was going to be a lot more painful, actually I nearly fall asleep. It wasn’t painful, it was relaxing. April was really nice. 100% recommendable Thank you!

Silvia, North London

“I wanted a nice arch in my brows, and I want to wake up in the morning and feel good. I don’t want to wake up everyday and put on makeup and I’ve got that now, I’m really really happy with the shape. I love her, she’s done everything perfect for me.”

Angelica, London

“I am not very good at putting on makeup but now when I wake up every day, I get to wake up and my eyeliner is already done, with kids as well, it’s a real time saver.

I feel a lot better and a lot more confident. She put my at ease the whole way through it, that was really gentle and kind, and she explained everything to me.

I would definitely recommend April.”

Angelina, Harrow

“I’m really a wimp and I thought I’d probably run screaming from the room before April got finished, but it was actually quite pleasant.”

Rebecca, London

“I’m so, so busy and I loved having that peace of waking up looking fabulous and never having to worry about spending 20 or 30 minutes getting my make-up right and eyeliner right.”

Lamis, Hampstead

“I’m so glad I found you; you are a true artist.”

April Lui Healed Permanent Makeup Sylvia
Sylvia, London
April Lui London Permanent Makeup Portriat

April Lui

London Permanent Makeup Specialist

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