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Permanent Makeup

Permanent eyeliner treatment

Wide-awake eyes every day

Would you love a summer holiday with sun, sea and streak-proof eyes? To work out without worrying about smudged eyeliner? To jump out of bed with wide-awake eyes? With permanent eyeliner treatment you can have it all – and beautifully enhanced eyes, too.

Love to have lush lashes?

Ready to ditch your eyeliner for more permanent definition? Want a smudge-free life? Open your eyes to new possibilities!

Lift and define
Shape-defining liner, darker, fuller-looking lashes – just imagine having beautifully made up eyes every day. Sounds good, right? Permanent eye makeup lets your eyes come alive, leaving you looking wide-awake beautiful from the moment you step out of bed.

Choose the look you love
Excited to see how your eyes could look with permanent makeup? Me too! Come along to meet me and I’ll give you a preview session – a mini makeover where I apply makeup to demonstrate different looks.

Eyeliner Treatment

Lash enhancement (upper or lower lids)/£245
Micro-fine ‘dots’ of pigment are applied along the base of your lash line, leaving a super-subtle colour line that creates the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Perfect if you want your eyes to pop without going for a full eyeliner look.

Fine eyeliner (upper or lower lids)/£295
Permanent eyeliner is carefully drawn in between the lash line and slightly above it. The result is a slick yet subtly defined look

Eyeliner – medium-thick (upper lids only)/£495
Applied to the upper lids only, this treatment is for you if you want your eyes to really stand out. Great if you want a statement look for day and night.

Price includes consultation, treatment and top-up session.

Let’s get creative
Do you want to go subtle or statement or somewhere in between? Maybe you’re not sure yet – you’d just love to see what’s possible. Book in for my fun preview session and we’ll play around with makeup to see how you could look. And if you like what you see, you can get your 24-hour patch test and book in for a permanent treatment.

Your Consultation & treatment

Once you’ve had a preview session and 24-hour patch test you’re ready for your consultation and treatment. I allow a minimum of 2 hours for our session so you’ll feel relaxed and unrushed, with plenty of time to ask questions.

During the consultation we’ll go over what you want as you might have had some new thoughts and ideas since your preview. Then I’ll get to work creating the colour and style you want and I’ll use makeup to show you how it will look.

Once you’re 100% happy I’ll start the treatment. I apply numbing gel and will keep topping up the gel throughout the treatment to keep you comfortable (many clients fall asleep!).

After your treatment, I’ll go through the after-care routine with you. I’ll also give you instructions and healing balm to take away.

Your top-up session

Six weeks after your treatment I’ll see you again for your top-up session. This is where I’ll review how the colour looks once the eye area’s healed and check if you’d like any adjustments. I’ll do any necessary top-up treatment and give you some more healing balm to take away. And that’s it! Your eyes will look lovely for the next 12-18 months – after which I recommend you book in for a colour boost.

Got any questions? Check out the FAQ or let’s have a chat.

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