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Permanent Eyebrow Treatment

Eyebrows to frame your face

A beautiful picture should have a beautiful frame. So should your eyes. Eyebrows bring focus to your face, bringing out your eyes and giving you a more youthful appearance. With permanent eyebrow treatment your eyes will always be in the picture.

Step away from the tweezers!

No more over-plucked and wonky brows – your permanent eyebrows will always stay where you want them.

Define and conquer
It’s so easy to do. One minute you’re playing around with the tweezers, the next your eyebrows are crooked or nearly gone! Maybe you’re not happy with your naturally fair eyebrows or they’ve faded through ageing or hormonal changes. With permanent brow treatment you can define and conquer!

Choose the look you love
Looking forward to meeting your new eyebrows? Come and have a preview session – we’ll chat about what you want and I’ll give you a mini makeover to demonstrate how you could look.

Eyebrow Treatment

With microblading – aka 3D hair simulation – a super-fine blade is used to manually create tiny strokes that are then coloured in with pigment. The result is ‘pretend’ hairs that look right at home with your natural eyebrows. This real brow look is perfect for subtle enhancement without a made-up look.

Powder effect/£595
Using a digital permanent makeup machine, the powder – or shaded – effect gives definition and shape for a more polished look. You can opt for a little light shading for subtle enhancement or heavier shading for stronger definition. You might even want to go for ombre – dark-to-light shading that comes in all kinds of combinations.

Combination brow/£695
Also known as blading and shading, this is a beautiful combination of the pretend hair and powder effect. Hair is simulated at the front of the brows – ideal if you’ve overplucked in this area – then shading creates added definition.

Price includes consultation, treatment and top-up session.

Let’s get creative
Microblading, digital permanent makeup, ombre – how do you know what to go for? That’s where I come in. At our preview session we’ll chat about the look you’d like and I’ll explain the technique I’ll use to achieve it. Then I’ll give you a mini makeover so you can check out how your eyebrows could look. If you like what you see, you can get your 24-hour patch test and book in for a permanent treatment.

Your Consultation & treatment

Once you’ve had a preview session and 24-hour patch test you’re ready for your consultation and treatment. I allow a minimum of 2 hours for our session so you’ll feel relaxed and unrushed, with plenty of time to ask questions.

During the consultation, we’ll go over what you want as you might have had some different thoughts and ideas since your preview. Then I’ll get to work creating the colour and style you want and I’ll use makeup to show you how it will look.
Once you’re 100% happy I’ll start the treatment. I apply numbing gel and will keep topping up the gel throughout the treatment to keep you comfortable (many clients fall asleep!).

After your treatment, I’ll go through the after-care routine with you. I’ll also give you instructions and healing balm to take away.

Your top-up session

Six weeks after your treatment I’ll see you again for your top-up session. This is where I’ll review how things look once the eyebrow area has healed and check if you’d like any adjustments. I’ll do any necessary top-up treatment and give you some more healing balm to take away. And that’s it! Your eyebrows will look lovely for the next 12-18 months – after which I recommend you book in for a colour boost.

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