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I’m a professionally trained and fully insured permanent makeup artist based in London. It all started with my little cousin’s eyebrows. He’d copied a cartoon on TV and shaved one of them off with his dad’s razor. Oops! So every morning before he went to nursery I pencilled it back in – and nobody noticed it wasn’t his real eyebrow!

This is April — helping you to wake up with makeup!

A few years later one of my uni friends got permanent eyeliner – it looked so good I had mine done and loved how it opened up my eyes. At the time I didn’t consider doing permanent makeup as a career. Instead, I completed my studies in BSc Medical Engineering and MSc Biochemical Engineering and got a job in medical insurance.

But my interest in permanent makeup never went away. One day I decided to sign up for an Experience Day at Natural Enhancement where I shadowed a permanent makeup technician. I was so impressed I immediately signed up to train with them then went on to do advance training with the Permanent Makeup Training Academy. And here I am!

Confidence — you can see it in your face!

I love all things beauty when it helps women feel good about themselves. I’m a self-taught makeup artist ­– I got the bug when I did my flatmate’s makeup for a night out and she came home on a high because for the first time ever a guy had asked for her number! I’m a huge fan of anti-ageing facial massage, which I teach in my Academy to give skin a radiant glow. And I’m constantly researching and trying the latest makeup and skincare products.

Together, we can create something beautiful!

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