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Permanent Makeup

Permanent lip treatment

Life-ready lips

Life is for living – not worrying about your lips. Want to plump up the volume? Need to even things up? Love to say so long to lipliner? With permanent lip treatment you can. Forget the hassle and the drama and get lush, lovely lips – ready to go whenever you are.

Want some va-va volume?

Want some va-va volume? Love a colour-popping Cupid’s bow? Ready to ditch the lipliner for more permanent definition? Get ready to love your lips!

Restore and rejuvenate
Do you feel like your lips are letting your face down? Maybe they’re not as full as you’d like or the colour is starting to fade as you age. Perhaps you’d like more even lips or to conceal imperfections. Permanent lip treatment can create fuller, more clearly defined and more colourful lips.

Choose the lips you love
You can choose lips for a soft, youthful look or look-at-me-lips that love attention. Subtle or striking – it’s up to you! Want to see how your new lips could look? Come and have a preview session where I’ll give you a mini makeover to show you what’s possible

Lip Treatment

Lip contour/£495
If you’re fed up with your lip liner bleeding or struggling to get the perfect line, lip contour is the way to go. Outlining your lips will give subtle definition and add a bit of extra fullness. As for colour, you can either match the lip liner to your natural lips or have it blend in with your favourite lipstick.

Lip contour with soft blush/£595
For a subtle look that still gives definition and fullness, the lip contour and soft blush combo is a winner. Colour starts at the outer lips, softly fades towards the centre and finishes with your natural lip colour. The result is a barely-there blush you’ll love.

Full lip colour/£795
Want to go all the way? With a full lip colour treatment you get coverage from top to bottom. You’ll get a defined lip shape without the need for liner plus a colour pop in whatever subtle or striking shade you choose. So you can go bold – but still look effortlessly natural.

Price includes consultation, treatment and top-up session.

Let’s get creative
Not sure what’s the right look for you? I’m here to help. At our preview session we’ll chat about what you want to achieve and I’ll give you a mini makeover with makeup to show you how you’ll look. It’s fun experimenting with different options. And if you like what you see, you can get your 24-hour patch test and book in for a permanent treatment.

Your Consultation & treatment

Once you’ve had a preview session and 24-hour patch test you’re ready for your consultation and treatment. I allow a minimum of 2 hours for our session so you’ll feel relaxed and unrushed, with plenty of time to ask questions.

During the consultation we’ll go over what you want as you might have had some new thoughts and ideas since your preview. Then I’ll get to work creating the colour and style you want and I’ll use makeup to show you how it will look. 

Once you’re 100% happy I’ll start the treatment. I apply numbing gel and will keep topping up the gel throughout the treatment to keep you comfortable (many clients fall asleep!).

After your treatment, I’ll go through the after-care routine with you. I’ll also give you instructions and healing balm to take away.

Your top-up session

Six weeks after your treatment I’ll see you again for your top-up session. This is where I’ll review how your lips look after they’ve healed and check if you’d like any adjustments. I’ll do any necessary top-up treatment and give you some more healing balm to take away. And that’s it! Your lips will look lovely for the next 12-18 months – after which I recommend you book in for a colour boost.

Quick tip: Permanent makeup doesn’t sit on top of your lips like conventional makeup – so whenever you want to boost the intensity just add a little lip gloss!

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